Escort SEO Services and Adult Search Engine Marketing

Escort SEO Services - Escort Agency Mapping

Escort SEO Services and Adult Search Engine Marketing

Escort agencies usually face the same dilemma as most sites in large cities when it comes to ranking front page on Google under all suburbs and surrounding towns they service, including Bing, Yahoo etc. Specifically large Cities like Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria that have many suburbs in close proximity.

Cyber SEO Services uses an extremely simple but effective white hat technique that enables escort agents to rank under all suburbs and towns that are in close proximity to there escort service.

Before I continue I would first like to point out a technique that sometimes works, but WON'T work for very much longer (a Black Hat Technique)

Google have strict guidelines that need to be followed and algorithms they tweak on a frequent basis, penalizing and filtering websites that use illicit means of trying to game the search results (hello all SEO Services, I'm talking to you)

That said and done. Webmasters, specifically directories, SEO services and even escort agents often try in vain to target as many areas/towns as possible to gain traffic. Hence, gaining clients or clicks from ads.

The technique they use is quite simple and at times does work. They create a landing page that's infested with links to all towns then link the page in the footer of each page (they usually call it a sitemap)

They then create a template with a pick-up line (a few paragraphs) and use it on all towns, the only difference been the towns names.

We don't use such Black-Hat-Techniques. Google have made it very clear in there guidelines that single word variations are not acceptable, and that the algorithm targets such sites that use single word variation, specifically MFA (Made For Advertising) sites.

So then how do I SEO my Escort Agency under all suburbs and towns I service?

Its quite simple to achieve, I call it Escort Agent Mapping.

Let's first take a look at Googles requirements. Google repeatedly sing the same banal tunes "Content is King", or "quality content is content that is unique, original and useful to the visitor".

Escort Agent Mapping directs the client to your service from a specific location, while also targeting other locations on route to your service, and is based on maps with unique text. ​

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We offer an Adult SEO Service to Escort Agencies and so do we offer a recovery service to sites that have been penalized or filtered, as well as a hacking and malware service.

Our site reviews are for free. So pop-us an email. We will then analyse your site for free and send you a comprehensive report including snapshots of potential issues that are a drag on your site, no strings attached, no email harassment.

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