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Review Disclaimer

The free SEO Business Reviews are only available on a limited basis (when we have time to write or upload reviews) and are not guaranteed. Drop us an email.

That said and done. If you come across incorrect information, false, negative or misleading reviews then contact-us with the URL. We will investigate and act according to our findings.

Cyber SEO cannot be held responsible for typing errors, incorrect contact details and outdated information like specials and prices.

SEO Business Review Removals

Review Disclaimer

All SEO Business Reviews are crawled by Google and other search engines. Google will not remove a review from the search results unless we remove it from our website.

That said and done. The public removal tool will not work if the review is live, the page needs to respond 404 not found. Only then will the removal tool work.

Cyber SEO is fair in all aspects and do NOT in anyway extort, or for that matter use blackmail techniques to extort bucks for review removals such as sites like that charge exorbitant amounts for review removal.

Removal requests can be forwarded via the contact-us page. Please submit the URL and reason for removal. We will then review the complaint and respond accordingly.

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