Google add Wikipedia pop-up to organic search results

Google testing pop up descriptions from reputable sites

Google add Wikipedia pop-up to organic search results

Google are now testing Wikipedia description pop-ups next to the cache drop-down in organic search results. The pop-up includes a brief description of the website.

The downside is - If you have no mention of your site on Wikipedia you will not benefit with a pop-up. was the only site I came across that displayed a DMOZ pop-up. and were the only two sites on front page without mention!

Google test Wikipedia pop-up's in organic search results

I came across the pop-ups after noticing strange phrases in Webmaster Search Console and traffic coming from an old articles that was written back in 2014.

One of the queries been google loon project south africa, which was the same project that ended in one of there Loon Balloons descending on a farm in South Africa.


One of the signals Google use (including the human evaluators) to determine highest quality is backlinks and your site been mentioned on high quality websites such as Wikipedia and DMOZ.

Highest quality pages frequently appear on high quality websites with very positive reputations for their purpose or topic.

And as per above snapshot Google seems to think very little of my site! Google pop-ups

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