Google Loon Project balloon crashes on South African farm

Google Have Gone Loony, Crashing Loon Balloons

Google Loon Project balloon crashes on South African farm

Cyber news goes as follows: 23-11-2014

Google Loon Project for all went loony and crashed on a South African farm. And what astounds me is, Google are making self drive cars when they cant even fly balloons!! Apparently this balLOON or LOONey was one of Googles x "moonshot" balloon powered internet access ventures up into orbit to increase internet access to areas that don't have internet.

The Loon Project is based on a semi-permanent ring of balloons hovering above the Southern Hemisphere by late 2015. But so far they keep falling out the sky. Just recently one crashed in New Zealand and another in Nevada damaging a utility pole.

The gang at Google seem to have gone Looney and are now spamming Cyber space with "non-roadworthy" balloons, what next? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO, WHO, WHO?

Google say "Project Loon is able to take advantage of stratosphere`s steady winds and remain well above weather events, WILDLIFE and air planes"

LOL, then they say "When the balloon is ready to be taken out of service, gas is released from the envelope to bring the balloon down to earth in a CONTROLLED DESCENT".

Remaining above wildlife and controlled descent was not the case when the farmers sheep had to run for there lives while been attacked by a Google x Loon balloon and in other countries emergency services and choppers have already been called out when Google viscously and ferociously attacked utility poles with their Loon Balloons. ​