How to hack passwords using a Keylogger

Keylogger Hacking

How to hack passwords using a Keylogger

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Keyloggers are spy software that can be installed locally or remotely, programs that monitor each and every keystroke a user types on a specific computer keyboard and can be installed in just a few seconds by sending an email with a module attached ('executable file' .exe file) to the target user. Or you can put the .exe file in a USB drive and install it locally on your boss`s computer and steal all his bucks ;)

When the remote or local user clicks the .exe file, the program starts running in silent mode in the background, undetected. Unlike other programs, Keyloggers usually don't show up in the start-menu, windows start-up, program files, add/remove programs or the task manager. Therefore, Keyloggers are extremely difficult to detect.

The passwords and other info are then captured and uploaded to a remote servers continuously (usually to the software's server) the hacker can then access the info by logging into his account at the software's website. The majority of Keyloggers capture full-size screen-shots of the activities on the target PC and they can usually bypass any Firewall.

If the remote user happens to open the email with a mobile browser, the program wont/cant run, the attachment file (.exe file) needs to open on a PC for the program to run.

A good antispyware/antikeylogger is necessary to remove a Keylogger from your PC.

Due to availability of Keylogger on Google and other search engines, they have become extremely popular and are extensively used amongst hackers stealing peoples banking passwords, jealous girlfriends monitoring there boyfriends computers and mischievous school kids.

You don't need hacking skills to hack with a Keylogger, the program does all the work, you simply email the module (.exe file) to the targeted victim and hope they click on the attachment, and make sure you cover your tracks.

Just recently two Eskom employees were caught by the SA Hawks trying to steal R3bn from power utility payroll. The hacking tool been a Keylogger. But unfortunately for them, Eskom's host intrusion protection protocol prevented access from the Keylogger, called Ardamax.

So yes, Keyloggers are still widely used for Cyber hacking, targeting the vulnerable companies that have very little or crap security.​​