Digit Satellite Vehicle Tracking Systems Western Cape

Personal & Vehicle Tracking Devices With NO Contracts

Digit vehicle satellite tracking helicopter team, Western Cape

Are your kids running amok, lying to you about there whereabouts? Are your employees cruising around town partying tell late at night or visiting family members or doing shopping in there company vehicle without your authority, or is the driver stealing your fuel? Do your car-hire clients go 4x4 driving in your luxury sedans or drug smuggling? Does the wicked mother-in-law pitch up unexpectedly without an invite?

If you answer yes to one of the above, you need Digit Satellite Tracking Systems.

Digit Vehicle Tracking based in Montague Gardens Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa are one step ahead of there competitors offering a unique digital satellite tracking systems without contracts, on a month to month basis. Once you pay for the equipment, its yours, no questions asked, to sell or make use of as you see fit. You are NOT tied into any long term contracts or left paying for obsolete hardware years after the product's life cycle, and the Digit Vehicle Tracking System are designed to handle up to 1000 vehicles or devices on one PC.

The process is quite simple. You receive your hardware device, they ensure your Digit management account has been created and is linked to the tracking device. Thereafter all details will be confirmed and you can either access your account via the Internet or download the software to install on almost any PC or laptop and if your cell phone has a web browser you can login and see your vehicle online.

There are only two wires that need to be connected and this can be connected directly to the car battery. No cutting into the wiring harness is necessary… It's a safe and easy installation

This ones a good catch for the dragon mother-in-law. Bull-whack her to fit a tracking device to her motor-vehicle for her own safety, and tell her you need login info just encase of emergency's, then track her whereabouts. You can set System Alarms and/or SMS/TXT Alerts to notify you of your mother-in-laws current position and by sending a simple alarm command to the Digit, you will be notified via SMS the moment your mother-in-laws vehicle moves, giving you sufficient time to abandon your home and go fishing or pub crawling!!?

I, myself have never used them, but the concept definitely appeals to me, specifically tracking the dragon mother-in-laws whereabouts.

Fitment and Service:

  • Hours: Monday to Thursday [8:30 – 17:00]; Friday [8:30 – 14:30]
  • Public Holidays: Not available for fitments and services, unless as per special arrangement

Physical address:

Digit Western Cape
38 Marconi Road
Montague Gardens
Cape Town


+27 (0)21 551 1677

Or visit there website: Digit Vehicle Tracking Website

It would be quite interesting to hear from members of the public that have installed Digit Satellite Tracking Systems. Did you install them purely for security reasons, or did you install them to spy on your staff or mother-in-law?