Can Google crawl JavaScript and CSS

Crawling JavaScript And CSS

Can Google crawl JavaScript and CSS

Yes Google can now crawl JavaScript and CSS, the feature was just recently added to Webmaster Guidelines. On the 27 October 2014 Google Webmasters tweeted the following on Twitter with regards to crawling JavaScript and CSS.

Google Webmasters @googlewmc #WebmasterNews We added crawling of JavaScript and CSS into our Webmaster Guidelines

On the 27 October 2014 Google updated there technical Webmaster Guidelines. They now render web pages like a typical browser with JavaScript and CSS.

The following quote was posted by Googler, Pierre Far.

​For optimal rendering and indexing, our new guidelines specify that you should allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files that your pages use. This provides you optimal rendering and indexing for your site. Disallowing crawling of JavaScript or CSS files in your site`s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithm renders and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings.


Previously Google indexed pages resembling a text browser, they now resemble a modern browser.​ Google now warn Webmasters not to block the crawlers from crawling JavaScript and CSS, stating it can harm your rankings. It all boils down to Responsive Web Design, which has now become part of the mobile and desktop algorithm.


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