Disavow File Update - Removed, Duplicate and HTTPS links

How To Update The Disavow File

Disavow File Update - Removed, Duplicate and HTTPS links

Disavow file questions and answers by Cyber SEO and John Mueller, discussing disavow file updates, including, removed pages, duplicate URL`s, 301 redirects and disavowing HTTPS links.

Links that have been removed or nofollowed should not be added to the disavow file, but will cause no harm if they still in the file and neither will duplicate links matter.

HTTPS can be uploaded with the same disavow file or two separate disavow files if you have bad links on both HTTP as well as HTTPS. Furthermore, a new URL needs to be disavowed when implementing a 301 redirect from a bad URL.

Duplicate links in the disavow file

Photo by Kristopher tweeted John Mueller and Matt Cutts on Twitter asking what would happen if a link is duplicated in the disavow file.

John piped up and said it don't matter.

Photo by Kristopher
@JohnMu @mattcutts What
happens if a link is listed in the
disavow twice?

John Mueller
@Photogkris @mattcutts
Duplicates don't cause
problems (but make your
maintenance harder) I sort
text-files before submitting :)

Removed or nofollow links in the disavow file

Then Modestos Siotos asked John whether removed or nofollow links need to be updated in the disavow file, John replied saying it don't actually matter.

Modestos Siotos
@JohnMu is there any issue
disavowing links that are later
removed or nofollowed? Any
need to update the disavow to
reflect these changes?

John Mueller
@Modestos if the link is removed,
there's no need to disavow it (but also
not a problem if its still in the file)

Is the disavow file viewed by a human?

And on a final note. Google does not read the comments in the disavow file? The answer is no they are not viewed by a human, they are processed by a program. In other words it wont help posting sympathetic comments.

John Mueller
@Maria_Haynes @
digitaleyemedia @billhunt Yep,
the disavow files are generally
processed automatically. No
humans involved.

Wow, I love it when a Google employee agrees with me, specifically John Mueller, it makes me feel like a Top Contributor in Webmaster Central.

Moving to HTTPS and adding disavow file

Lets clear up the confusion when it comes to disavowing HTTP and HTTPS links. Firstly Google does recognise HTTPS disavowed links and you may upload two disavow files if you have bad links to both HTTP as well as HTTPS. John recommends one file for both http and https links.

This is what John had to say while tweeting on Twitter.

Wholesale Clearance
@Marie_Haynes @JohnMu
Hi Marie after changing to https
and adding disavow file to both
will google have to re-crawl
everylink on the https?

John Mueller
Haynes HTTPS is fine, uploading
the same disavow file is fine,
you're not the first to go HTTPS,
so it should be ok

Wholesale Clearance
@JohnMu @Marie_Haynes
thanks for answering John :)
does the https disavow start
from scratch? Worried that 1
year of work will be wasted

John Mueller
@WholesaleClear@Marie_Haynes no
the disavow file is processed
continuously, that's no problem with
moving to https.

Nick Ker @Ker_Nick
@JohnMu @WholesaleClear@
Marie_Haynes What about
mixed https and non-https with
bad links to both? Should
disavow file be uploaded for both?

John Mueller
@Ker_Nick @WholesaleClear @
Marie_Haynes sure, you can
upload the same file for both,
usually that's even easier

301 redirects and the disavow file

Link juice (PR) and bad links carry through a 301 redirect. Meaning the bad links on the old site will carry through to the new site when implementing a 301 redirect. Therefore, you need to use a disavow file on the new site.

Jignesh Gohel
@JohnMu One relevant
query. What if we 301 redirect
to a new name? is it require to
add disavow for new domain?

John Mueller
@jignshgohel if the links
forwarded (301) then you should
use the disavow on the new site

And if your intentions are to run away from a penalty by 301 redirecting, you are mistaken, the penalty will carry over to the new site.

If you do decide to run from a penalty, don't associate yourself with your old site, your IP address, contact info, Whois info, your gmail account or Webmaster Tools. You need to be as illusive as a leopard, otherwise Google will track you down and issue another penalty. ​

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