PHPBB reCaptcha SpamBot Countermeasures

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PHPBB reCaptcha SpamBot Countermeasures

The default Spambot plug-in for PHPBB Forums is the CD Image SpamBot plug-in. Change it, its a crap plugin that doesn't work on all Captcha SpamBots. The reCaptcha SpamBots do and can create accounts, each account with a unique user-name, email addresses and IP.

PHPBB Forum Spambot Countermeasures That Don't Work

Some say "reCaptcha" is a good spambot countermeasure, but not on all Spambots. A good example been the UGG Boots and Jersey SpamBot. That specific irritating Chinese piece of crap has been around for many years. Ugg Boots themselves don't give a damn. It amazes me people still buy those crap over spammed products from childish promoters.

The UGG Boot SpamBot parks off day and night, stalking, trying to login while banging repeatedly and endlessly on your forum door. On most occasions you will notice a guest online (that's the Chinese CrapBot, AKA the UGG-Boot-Jersey-SpamBot)

The UGG Boot SpamBot seems a little more sophisticated than other Captcha SpamBots, even going off line when GoogleBot appears, then coming back online seconds after GoogleBot leaves. On numerous occasions I've witnessed this behaviour while been online.

Question and Answers (Q&A) Spambot Countermeasures That Do Work

What does stop the UGG Boot Captcha SpamBot is Q&A (questions and answers) You can access that in your PHPBB Administration Control Panel, "Board Configuration" then click on "Spambot countermeasures". Simply follow the simple instructions, and don't go create stupid questions that requires an answer like, "yes" or "no".

Example: "are you human"!

The spam-bot would already know those answers. (Yes/no)

Rather a question like:

"how many chicken drum sticks are left if you've already chopped both the chickens legs off and eaten them?", the answer, NONE!

How To Configure reCaptcha Spambot Countermeasure

If "reCaptcha" tickles your fancy, then give it a try by logging in to the PHPBB Administration Control Panel and click on "Board Configuration" then click on "Spambot countermeasures", choose "reCaptcha" then click "configure".

In order to use reCaptcha, you must create an account on Once on the site click "USE reCAPTCHA ON YOUR SITE". That will open a page that prompts you to sign in with your gmail account. Simply sign in as per usual and paste your index page URL into the box provided. Then click "Create key".

Your Captcha keys will automatically appear. Copy both keys (the Public Key and the Private Key) Then return to the PHPBB forum admin control panel and insert both keys, then click "submit".

Now go back to "Spambot countermeasures" and once again choose "reCaptcha", but this time you needn't click "configure" (the plugin is already configured) You simply click "Submit". And that's it. The Spambot plugin should now work.

To view if its working. Go back to "Spambot counter measures". A sample of the reCaptcha should display. Or you could try registering.

Spambot Countermeasures That Definitely Work

I had huge issues with Spambots until I used Q&A. It does work and is an excellent spambot countermeasure. The only spam I got was from single individuals that were human and not Spambots.

There I simply DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT and BANN IP address. ​

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