How to identify Spambot spam in forums

Identifying Spambot spam

How to identify Spambot spam in forums

That would more than likely be a good sign of a spambot.

Identifying PHPBB Forum Spambots

Let's talk about the UGG-Boots-Jersey-Captcha-Spambot. I think I'm more that qualified in this category. Reason been, I once opened and dedicated an entire PHPBB forum to the UGG Boots Jersey Captcha Spambot (The forum was blocked from Googlebot) the PHPBB forum has since been removed.

The first thing you notice about the UGG Boots Jersey Captcha Spambot is all links navigate to shopping sites and the links are not part of the conversation. Meaning, the spambot randomly scrapes content from the web, spinning it then spamming it in forums to appear in the Google search to come up under as many queries as possible.

Read more on PHPBB forum spambot countermeasures that do work.

You need to monitor your forums for spam and spambot activity. Forum Spambots are food for Penguin, and classed as a deceitful way of trying to game the search results with copy, spun content and follow outbound links which could result in a filter/penalty.

That said and done, it surprises me even lawyer use spambot services. That by itself doesn't say very much about there credibility.

Spambot Registration and email Spambots

The spambot registers users with different user names, emails and IP's, even completing profiles, at times even including a profile pic, a link to a website and a description. The more advanced Spambots can even create signatures.

What you would notice is the spambot only posts one post in an existing topic, opening multiple topics with only one post (that's in the beginning)

This is to try make it look as human as possible. In big forums you'd possible not realize its a spambot. You'd think its a human that submitted a single spam post. But in reality, the spambot has already registered new users, each user posting, but not posting excessively as to give reason to believe the forums under "spambot-attack".

Always keeping in mind that this specific spambot (UGG-Boots-Jersey-Captcha-Spambot) only spam's websites and not email addresses. I deliberately inserted my email on the home page, and never received any email spam from the UGG Boots Jersey Captcha Spambot.

Good luck. ​

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