Innocently accused of an algorithm update

Algorithm filter recovery help

Innocently accused of an algorithm update

Lets take a look at website recovery from an algorithmic point of view. Algorithm updates are applied automatically by programs rather than humans, your website gets demoted, so a reconsideration request via Webmaster Tools wont help.

Website recovery from an algorithm filter would only occur once the crawler re-indexes the web, the spam classifiers will then re-evaluate the sites changes. If the issues surrounding the algorithm update have been cleaned up the crawler will reprocess the website and it would no longer be classified as spam, resulting in rankings been restored (Depending on what changes you made) A time consuming process that could take weeks, if not months, some sites simply never recover from an algorithm filter.

Swear innocence!! then submitting feedback via the feedback form.

Firstly you need to come to terms with the algorithm filter. Meaning its no use blaming Google for your mistakes. Starting off with an attitude will only prolong recovery, and to say the least, up your blood pressure. If you feel your sites a victim of innocence then use the feedback form Matt Cutts made available to Webmasters that swear innocence.

"If you know a site affected by algo update that you don't think should be affected, we made a form to provide feedback"

But before you complain about been innocently accused of an algorithm update/filter, you need to keep three things in mind. The first been, the requests are processed by Google employees and not programs. Secondly, make sure your site is clean, the submit might backfire on you, ending in manual Webspam action plus the existing algorithm filter. Thirdly, most websites that I review for recovery have "sunk" due to stupid mistakes, not due to algorithm filters. I suggest you first have your site reviewed before waking up the hungry, hibernating bear.

Cyber SEO offers a free review service which entails a basic site review. All we require is your website URL and a contact email. We will then do a basic evaluation of your site exposing potential issues, no strings attached.

More detailed reviews are available on request. (SEO service prices) ​

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