Manual Penalty Warning Without Webmaster Tools Account

Viewing Manual Penalty Warnings

Manual Penalty Warning Without Webmaster Tools Account

What happens if I suspect I have a manual penalty and don't have a Webmaster Tools account?

If you suspect you have manual spam action against your site from the WebSpam Team its best you open a Webmaster Tools account using your gmail account, and regardless of when you open the account the manual penalty will immediately show

If your site appears under the site:domain command its indexed by Google and will immediately show penalties as well as statistics in Webmaster Tools once added.

This was John Mueller`s response to a Twitter tweet from Jeff Lousella.

Jeff Lousella
@JohnMu Yes or No. If a site has
a manual penalty & didn't have
WMT set up & then set up WMT
a year later, would the penalty
show in WMT?

John Mueller
@jefflouella Yes, the current manual
action status is shown in Webmaster
Tools regardless of when they were
applied. ​

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