When will Google update the PageRank - 2015

PageRank Update 2015

When will Google update the PageRank

The question at hand is, when will be the next Google Toolbar PageRank update in 2015? a subject close to the heart of many a SEO. Google don't seem to have any immediate plans of updating the Google PageRank Toolbar.

A Webmaster tweeted the following on Twitter (5 Nov 2014) with regards to the next PageRank update.

Stoian Ciprian @StoianCiprian @googlewmc When will be the next page rank update? :)

Google Webmasters replied:

Google Webmasters @googlewmc @StoianCiprian No current plans to update it in the Google Toolbar, but we do continuously calculate it for rankings. 4:45 pm - 5 Nov 2014

There was already signs of dropping the PageRank Toolbar back in October 2013. Check the Twitter tweet by Matt Cutts on PageRank Toolbar update

Niels Bosch
@mattcutts will there be a PR
update before 2014?

Matt Cutts
@NielsBoschh I would be
surprised if that happened.
7:45 PM - 6 Oct 2014

Furthermore. PageRank as we know it it seems to be dead, a thing of the past. Google still use it as a crawling signal but are not emphasizing importance on the Toolbar.

John Mueller, Google employee had the following to say with regards to Toolbar PageRank update coming 2015.

"PageRank is something that we haven't updated for i think over a year now, and we're probably not going to be updating it going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank....."

Google has on numerous occasions stated not to concentrate on PageRank and to concentrate on other metrics such as Googles Susan Mooskwa pointed out.

"Focus on conversation rates, bounce rates, and click through rates rather than PageRank"

And Matt Cutts, Google employee and head of the Webspam Team had the following to say about PageRank.

"Maybe it will go away on its own or eventually well reach the point where we say, 'Okay;maintaining this is not worth the amount of work".

Needless to say, PageRank as we all know is one of the 200+ factors used when weighing your site in the search results. That said and done. Its best not to go out on a mad crusade of collecting backlinks simply for PageRank. That by itself is against the Google guidelines and would be classed as unnatural linking and could end up in manual intervention from the WebSpam Team.

The Google PageRank Toolbar update will not change your rankings. Rather concentrate on the other 200+ factors and let Google worry about the PageRank Toolbar. ​

PageRank Metrics

When will Google update the PageRank

Seen we on the topic of Pagerank let's take a look at how PR metric is weighed and how PR works. As previously mentioned above Pagerank is one of the most misunderstood and misused metrics when it comes to SEO and Google search results.

Google themselves admit Pagerank is important but they also say its not the sole factor in how pages are ranked.

With the confusion of it been the sole factor, Webmasters went out focusing on links from high PR pages not realizing that Pagerank alone wasn’t enough. Google examines all aspects of the page’s content, including the content of the pages linking to it when determining a match for that specific query.

Let's take a closer look at Pagerank and how it works.

Make no mistake it is good getting links for high PR pages, and yes, some of the Pagerank importance will be transmitted to your page. But that alone doesn’t take into account the context of the link. Meaning, the words in the link that link to your page. Google look at the words as a key signal.

The anchor text of a link is often far more important than the PR of the page. So if your page's main theme is "Algorithm Website Recovery" and you get PR 9 backlinks with anchor text that says "Webmaster help", those links will carry less weight than if a PR6 page link to you with "Algorithm Website Recovery" in the anchor text.

The importance of the links from the PR 6 page might carry less weight than the PR 9 page, but its the relevance of the words in the anchor text that carry more weight and the relevance of the page content on the PR 6 page to your page content.

Those links are now pointing to your page saying “Algorithm” in the links. That by itself will help you rank better for the word “Algorithm” certainly much better than all those links from the PR 9 site that said "Webmaster help".

And to sum-it-up. Pagerank is not as important as its made out to be. Simply type a phrase into the Google search results and test the no1 page's Pagerank. You possibly going to find that's its less than pages below it.

This by itself de-bunks the Pagerank theory of it been the most important metric that Google use when ranking a site. You will even come across sites with Pagerank 0 that out rank all other Pagerank's.

Pages with a lower Pagerank still get higher search rank than pages with high Pagerank. Meaning, Pagerank by itself does not have a great impact on your site's ranking ability, in comparison to on page search engine optimization.

And finally. Alexa's rankings are based on people who visit your site and have the Alexa toolbar. Google's Pagerank come from links that get counted as votes. These are two completely different methods of ranking, so basically you can't compare them. ​

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