Affordable and Professional SEO Services in South Africa

Affordable and Professional SEO Services in South Africa

Cyber SEO Services is an SEO Company based in South Africa offering cheap, but yet affordable professional SEO services and Website Design and Google Ads for Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping Advertising.

We specialize in fixing previous SEO disasters such as PageRank chasing gone wrong.

All you need to do is submit your website for a Free SEO Audit.

Simply complete the form and we will get back to you reporting issues that could be a drag on your website. The Audit is 100% free and all we require is your URL (no strings attached, and no email harassment from us)

Our Clients

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Our existing and past clientèle ranges from Shopping and Classifieds to Tourism and Military as well as Addiction Treatment Centers and Adult. Our knowledge has been diverse in all fields and geographic locations.

We only tackle limited amounts of sites at any given time. By doing so allows us to offer a more personalized service to our clients.

Free SEO Audits

Our Free SEO Audits include SEO Analysis of your website for report compilation. We analyse your site pinpointing issues that are a drag, then provide you with recommendations on necessary changes to improve your site’s performance in the search results and provide you with comprehensive recommendations with regards to responsive web design. The size of our reports are based upon the size and complexity of the site and will vary from site to site.

Our free website analysis comes with a non-obligation guarantee, basic SEO advice, tactics and strategies that cover the fundamentals of organic search which will enable you to improve your search visibility.