SEO Myths And Misconceptions

Myth: Google Ads customers do not receive special treatment in organic search

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SEO Myths And Misconceptions

SEO Myths And Misconceptions

Myth: Google Ads

Google Ads are NOT one of the factors in weighing your site for the search results, Google Ads customers do not receive special treatment in organic search.

Myth: Human algorithm filters

It is a known fact that humans evaluate websites before and after an algorithm update. Most Webmasters assume these quality raters are part of the algorithm filter that filters sites from search.

That is not true, quality raters only evaluate the site, giving feedback to the algorithm team, feedback that could be used in future algorithms.

Myth: Algorithm reconsideration required

Reconsideration requests for algorithm updates/filters are not necessary and will not work, algorithms are handled by programs and not humans.

Therefore, the program itself algorithmically determining your rankings.

Myth: Immediate recover after an algo filter

Recovery will not occur immediately after you make changes to your site, they will only occur after an algorithm refresh or update which could take a month to 3 months, depending on when they re-run the algorithm.

A site very seldom fully recovers. Depending on the changes made, will depend on your new rankings.

Myth: robots.txt prevents pages been crawled

That is incorrect If the crawler picks up the links on other sites, it will crawl those pages and index them.

If you want to permanently block pages from the index, use the noindex meta tag in the head section of your document.

Myth: Dynamic URLs cannot be crawled

That is a myth, Google crawl static and dynamic URLs and can interpret different parameters.

The crawling issue will only arise if you remove information by hiding parameters and making them look static.


Author - Terry

Terry is the owner of Cyber SEO Srvices and specializes in Optimization, Web Design and Digital Marketing and has been worked in the field for over 10 years and in Jan 2019 he qualified as a Google Ads Specialist and Consultant for Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video Ads.