Best SEO tips for December holiday shopping season

SEO Tips For Christmas And December Holiday

Without our best SEO tips for the December Holiday period you’d possibly end up like the above Father Christmas, depressed, drunk and broke! (that’s if you have bucks enough left to afford alcohol)

The Christmas and December holiday shopping season as we all know begins mid November, throughout December 2016 and into January 2017. It is also a know fact that over 60% of people research products on-line before purchasing.

What’s the best SEO advice You Can Give For December?

NOW is the time to start making changes to your website. Always remembering, fruitfulness of your December SEO campaign will only reflect after a total site re-crawl, and at times (if you’ve included off-site SEO) fruitfulness will only reflect after the search engines have re-crawled the internet and have noticed the changes. So for this reason, its wise to start December holiday shopping SEO in the last quarter of the year.

So Then How Do I SEO My Existing Site For December?

SEO strategies implemented and digital marketing tactics would differ from site to site. For this reason and more we offer >> Free SEO Reviews

That said and done. In general you first need to understand your targeted audience’s intent and the search queries they use that are related to your products or business niche. Queries you deem popular will more than likely be unpopular and popular queries searched out of season could well be unpopular in peak season (depending on your niche)

What Is User Intent?

To understand user intent you first need to uncover what people want when they type in words or phrases.

Google and other search engines now display search results based on user intent rather than keywords in a specific order. So if they showing results based on user intent, we need to optimize for user intent.

Furthermore. To understand user intent you can simply play around with the search tool by typing in a few phrases you deem high traffic then look at the ANSWERS and SUGGESTIONS that Google gives you. By doing so will allow you to differentiate between users looking for products, instructions or simply general information based on what Google display.

Other methods of determining user intent can be by monitoring your help center and paying attention to the questions asked as well as speaking to your sales staff that maintain your phone lines.

Once you have determined your sites user intent you need to search those phrases/questions. If you don’t appear in the search results you need to review relevant pages in conjunction to those queries, then amend.

You can also navigate to Google Webmaster Search Console, which displays the exact queries used when a visitor lands on a page as well as your most popular pages and pages receiving very little traffic.

Is Image Optimization A Big Deal?

Yes, image SEO plays an important roll, specially over the Christmas December holiday period. Folks searching for products such as clothing, etc, are more likely to use image search than those searching for downloads or music. So once again, it would depend on your sites niche.

Always remembering image search is crawled by a different crawler and if optimized correctly your images can appear in web search on front page, even if the web page associated with the image ranks on page 3.

What is the best way to SEO images?

The best way to SEO images is to be descriptive. Search engines cant read images.

You should always, where possible use ALT or captions, and if the image is linked you could use the title attribute. It is also wise to name the image.

And make sure you resize your images correctly, to scale 1:1. Do not squeeze images into a thumbnails (WordPress have a bad habit of squeezing images)

Are Those Your Best SEO Tips For December Holiday?

No, we have plenty more tips available that can be viewed in our SEO help articles as well as Panda and Penguin help.

If you don’t find what you looking for, email us. We respond to all emails, except promotional spam.

Special SEO Prices For December Holiday

We now offer December SEO Specials, which run through September, October and November

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