Can Google crawl JavaScript and CSS

Crawling JavaScript And CSS Yes, Google can now crawl JavaScript and CSS, the feature was just recently added to Webmaster Guidelines. On the 27 October, 2014 Google Webmasters tweeted the following on Twitter with regards to crawling JavaScript and CSS. Google Webmasters @googlewmc #WebmasterNews We added crawling of JavaScript and CSS into our Webmaster Guidelines On the 27 October, 2014 Google updated their technical Webmaster Guidelines. They now render web pages like a typical browser with JavaScript and CSS. The following quote was posted by Google, Pierre Far. ​For optimal rendering and indexing, our new guidelines specify that you should allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files… Read More

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Google 200+ ranking and crawling signals

Google 200+ Algorithm Ranking Factors Some would go as far as to say it is a known fact that Google uses over 200 signals when weighing a site in the search results and would say its a known fact that they tweak and update the algorithms around 500 to 600 times a year on their prerogative quest of keeping ahead of other search engines and staying ahead of black hat SEO’s. Besides all the SEO myths and misconceptions, I personally think there are way more than 200+ factors Google use when crawling your site, there algorithm updates alone exceeding those figures. Below I have compiled a list of the so-called… Read More

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HTTPS Now A Crawling Signals

HTTPS A Crawling Metric Yes, you read correct, Google now uses HTTPS as one of the 200+ crawling signals when ranking your site in the search results. Google now takes into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections and are using this as a signal in the search algorithm. On 07 Aug 2014 Google Webmasters tweeted the following on Twitter informing the public that they now use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Google Webmasters @googlewmc HTTPS is now a lightweight ranking signal: Secure those sites! At this moment in time its lightweight, carrying far less weight than other signals. Google is giving Webmasters time to switch over to HTTPS,… Read More

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Does Google Penalize For W3C Coding Errors

W3C Markup Validation Service And Google Errors Generally, Google doesn’t penalize for W3C coding errors, they themselves showing errors. The only time it would be an issue is if the codes are JavaScript related, or for that matter, not understood by the crawler. That could raise a red flag with malware or hacking. Google take malware and hacking quite seriously and in general know which codes to look for, but it is advised to keep your pages clean of code errors and to use the W3C validation service at Always remembering that different browsers interpret code errors differently, some browsers more supportive than others. Depending on the code errors… Read More

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SEO Help

How To View Google Manual Penalty Warnings

Google Search Console What happens if I suspect I have a manual penalty and don’t have a Google Search Console account? If you suspect you have manual spam action against your site from the WebSpam Team its best you open a Google Search Console account using your Gmail account, and regardless of when you open the account the manual penalty will immediately show. This was John Mueller`s response to a Twitter tweet from Jeff Lousella. Jeff Lousella @jefflouella @JohnMu Yes or No. If a site has a manual penalty & didn’t have WMT set up & then set up WMT a year later, would the penalty show in WMT? John… Read More

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SEO Myths and Misconceptions

SEO Myths And Misconceptions Myth: AdWords AdWords are NOT one of the factors related to weighing your site in the search results, AdWords customers do not receive special treatment in organic search. Myth: Human algorithm filters It is a known fact that humans evaluate websites before and after an algorithm update. Most Webmasters assume these quality raters are part of the algorithm filter that filters sites from search. That is not true, the quality raters only evaluate the site and the algorithm results giving feedback to the algorithm team, feedback that could be used in future algorithms, which does get used, and so does info from feedbacks and spam reports.… Read More

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Why has my Google PageRank dropped

Google PageRank Drop I’m sure you’ve all heard the above question before. A drop in PageRank is usually because the site violates Googles Quality Guidelines by selling links that pass PageRank. Read all about link schemes. Google take paid links that pass PageRank very seriously especially links labelled as sponsored that pass PageRank. Selling links on multiple pages on a website based on their PageRank and then calling them “sponsored links”. Or pages labelled “PARTNER LINKS” which links to the link buyer. Google class that as a clear violation of its quality guidelines, and is the reason for websites PageRank as well as Google’s trust in the website declines.… Read More

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Porn Revenge And Sextortion Website Ban

Revenge Porn Removal from Google

Porn Revenge And Sextortion Website Ban Revenge Porn Removal from Google (that’s if they honour your removal request) only results in the image/page been removed from the Google search. Google or for that matter any other search engine CANNOT remove content from a site, they simply remove the content from the search results. The removal request (if granted) will also not remove the content from other search engines like Bing, etc, and will not remove your image from social sites or any other websites that have already aggregated your image (copied your image) The removal tool only removes the URL/s you specify. Google Revenge Porn removal request submission form Revenge… Read More

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South African Porn Laws

Virtual and Real Child Pornography Laws

South African Porn Laws It is said the forbidden fruit phenomenon of censoring material has the effect of increasing an individuals desire for that material. And the prohibition of alcohol in America did not in any way cease the consumption of liquor; it simply created room for criminal networks to take control of alcohol production and the distribution of it. In South Africa Virtual Child Pornography is most accurately described as profoundly offensive. Let’s take a closer look at the Films and Publication Act for South Africa. Pornography rated X18 is permitted in South Africa, if sold to persons over the age of 18 in REGISTERED STORES (porn may only… Read More

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Nicholas Rotundo Google employee mugshot

Nicholas Rotundo Arrested For Cyberstalking

Nicholas Rotundo Google Employee Arrested For Cyberstalking Cyberstalking crime goes as follows: 20-12-2014 On the 4 October, Nicholas Rotundo a Google employee was arrested by the FBI for cyberstalking a female University of Texas Dallas undergrad and was indicted on two accounts of felony cyberstalking and one account of felony computer intrusion. If found guilty he faces up to 10 years in prison Nicholas Rotundo – Arrest Profile The ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Google team seem to employ Cyberstalkers and webcam spies!! Nicholas Rotundo 23 years of age from San Jose was employed by Google at Google’s Mountain View Campus as an internal technology resident. Rotundo allegedly convinced a University of… Read More

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