December SEO PackagesHi, and welcome to the world of Cyber SEO.

Our December SEO Christmas special runs through September, October and November, which is priced at R6,000 for 3 months, or R2,200 per month.

Always remembering, SEO campaigns can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before been fruitful, and the size and condition of the website is also a factor in determining the length of a successful campaign. Shorter campaigns tend to have minimal effect which usefully only reflect months later.

In general we work on 3 months SEO contracts for medium size websites (+-100 pages) and 6 months, or even longer for larger sites and very seldom bother taking on 1 month contracts.

Standard SEO Rates

Our standard SEO prices are R2500.00 pm or R7,00.00 for 3 months.