W3C Markup Validation Service And Google Errors

Does Google Penalize For W3C Coding Errors

Generally, Google doesn’t penalize for W3C coding errors, they themselves showing errors. The only time it would be an issue is if the codes are JavaScript related, or for that matter, not understood by the crawler. That could raise a red flag with malware or hacking.

Google take malware and hacking quite seriously and in general know which codes to look for, but it is advised to keep your pages clean of code errors and to use the W3C validation service at validator.w3.org

Always remembering that different browsers interpret code errors differently, some browsers more supportive than others. Depending on the code errors and how excessive they are may result in the browser not rendering the page correctly, resulting in bad user experience.

Matt Cutts had the following to say with regards to invalid HTML and coding error penalties:

So Google does not penalize you if you have invalid HTML because there would be a huge number of webpages like that and some people know the rules and then decided to make things a little bit faster or to tweak things here there and so their pages don’t validate and there are enough pages they don’t validate that we said OK this would actually hurt search quality if we said only the pages that validate are allowed to rank or rank those a little bit higher.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if they correlate relatively well, you know maybe it’s a signal we’ll consider in the future, but at least for right now do it because it’s good for maintenance, it’s easier for you if you want to change the site in the future, don’t just do it because you think it’ll give you higher search rankings.

In other words, Googlebot does not care about valid HTML.

Google And W3C Both Show Coding Errors

Google And W3C Both Show Coding Errors

As per above image, you can see Google don’t worry about W3C Validation, and neither does W3C themselves the same people that police web coding, the same people that are on a prerogative quest of promoting zero errors and clean coding that neglect to use the alt attribute on images!


Google Matt Cutts Shows W3C Validation The Middle Finger

Matt Cutts on Twitter found this religious joke comical (now we can see where Google inherited the code error attitude)

Matt Cutts @mattcutts Nov 20 @ftrain “The percentage of pure and valid HTML on the web is probably the same as the percentage of Catholics who marry as virgins” Love it

Matt Cutts is head of the Don`t Be Evil WebSpam Team, creator of Panda and Penguin the illusive elemental Cyber beasts that show no mercy or remorse. Once unleashed these Cyber beasts run amok crashing websites nearly driving sane members of society to only available unleavened suicide.

That`s Matt Cutts who thinks valid HTML is a jock and basically non-existent. So, therefore, I doubt whether they penalize for coding errors if so they’d need to penalize themselves and W3C.

Who Is W3C Validation

W3C Validation Service (validator.w3.org) are members of the “new alliance of desperadoes”, desperate for power and control the internet as we now know it, dictators of languages used on the internet.

Cutting a long story short, W3C is trying to standardize web languages.

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