Google Ads Campaign Management Service

Cyber SEO is a Qualified Google Ads Specialist and Consultant in the fields of Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video Advertising.

Click here to view our Advertising Certificates and Achievements on Google. The Certificates are registered on my name for which is my partner website.

We can help you create and optimize your Google Ads campaign to show up on Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video. We are also available for advice on keyword strategy and budget planning for your business.

As per date, we have passed Google Ads product certification exam (Fundamental exam) and the Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video exams, and have completed Google Web Designer and Google My Business, and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

In other words, we earned our certification.

Adwords Certifications

Google Ads Certificates for Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping and Search

Google Awards For Web Designer and Google My Business

The Google Ads Certificates expires 15-01-2020 and were issued to Cyber SEO (myself)

Google Ads Prices

PPC (Pay Per Click) management is not cheap and is not meant for all business niches. ROI (Return On Investment) needs to be taken into account. Smaller businesses with cheaper products or offerings will show less of a return on investment that larger, more expensive products or business offerings.

Ad campaigns can run anywhere from R1 to R15,000, or more per month. You get what you pay for! Anyone can charge R1,000 per month to run a campaign, then quickly put together one that will never do anything.

The industry norm, with qualified Ad agencies, is anywhere from 10 to 20% of total ad spend (depending on amount budgeted) Larger campaigns might fall on the lower end (10%) smaller accounts will fall on the higher end (20%).

For example, you are charged 20% of ad spend. The CPA is R1,000 per month in Google Ads. Therefore, the cost to the client is R1,200 (R200 commission to run the Ad campaign)

Always remembering;  the campaign can be stopped at any given stage (for example, you sell all your products, or are fully booked) the campaign can then restart at any given time (for example, you acquire new products, or seek new bookings, or run specials)

Ads Consultation

Your daily budget, campaigns, ad groups and bidding per keyword will play an important role in how long your money lasts. For that reason its best you contact us for an ads consultation.

We can then work out an advertising campaign that will most suit your business niche, your goals, your budget, and targeted keywords.

We will also cover other aspects such as ad keywords in relation to the landing page (the landing page needs to be relevant to the ad keywords)