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Google Adwords Link Broken!

Just recently I wrote an article about all the outdated junk that has recently taken over the search results by storm – Medic Algorithm Update – 1/8/18

Top junk on front page seems to be the norm of the day when it comes to the so called ‘giant search engine’, Google – and there algorithms.

It seems Google don’t know there left from there right when it comes to following there own guidelines.

If you type the following into Google search ( you will notice the top ranking page is dead! it 301 redirects to a 404 not found page.

Adwords Google Partner Page Broken

The second URL does however work –

It truly does surprise me that the same a search engine (Google) that suggest Webmasters 301 redirect to a relevant page cant even do it themselves!

I rest my case with the ‘Google Monkeys gods’ that are busy infesting the internet front page with utter junk 😉

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