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As we all know Google recently ran a huge Medical Health Algorithm – 1 Aug 2018. In the process, they demoted immense amounts of medical websites, ranging from Doctors Practices to Addiction Treatment Rehabs to general medical and health Blogs and E-commerce websites.

Google seems to have replaced branded websites with government websites, helplines, news websites, and directories.

But the question at hand is:- Did the 1-8-18 Medic Algorithm work?

Google Medic Algorithm Failure!

In my eyes, the algorithm was a total disaster, and is infested with bugs surpassing that of 10,000 Afghan camel fleas infesting a jockey’s crotch! Big brands were removed and were replaced with directories, news websites and outdated websites that no longer offer the services they promote (government services, that is!) Those same websites have now taken over the Addiction Treatment search results. And at the same time, Google crashed a multi-billion Rand operation and replaced it with PURE JUNK!

SA’s Substance Abuse Helpline – Brand South Africa

Google Search For South Africa Substance AbuseThe above title appears in Google for most addiction queries. Left is the search snippet (take note:- the published date!) the article was written over a decade back! That same single page has taken over most medical queries.-

Google Algorithm Credits False, Outdated Drug Abuse Help Lines

Ten years back ‘SADAG’ and the’ Department of Social Development’ launched a toll-free substance abuse helpline in an effort to increase access to help, support and appropriate treatment for substance abuse users.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) then partnered with the Department of Social Development and launching a toll-free substance abuse helpline

The toll-free helpline number that they advertise is:- 0800 121314

That number was created 10 years back, and so was the joint effort between the SADAG and the Department of Social Development (which seems to have fallen away)

I took the time out to contact SADAG on the toll-free number. At first, the phone rang endlessly. After the 4th attempt, someone answered!

I told them I have a drug problem and need drug assistance. The women on the other end replied:- ‘We don’t offer drug assistance we are a Depression and Anxiety Group‘ – And that was it! no further questions asked from there side, and no offer of help, not even a contact number!

Google crashed a multi-billion Rand operation for ‘dead junk’!

Google’s Main Reason For Clamping Down On Addiction Treatment Rehabs

People saw how lucrative the Rehab industry was, and started opening rehabs centers all over the world purely for the sake of money. These rehabs took over Adwords by storm. Google stepped in and removed addiction queries from the USA results. But that did not stop UK rehabs.

Google’s main clampdown occurred when Daniel Gerrard was caught live on camera by two reporters from the Times. Gerrard bragged about his success and illicit techniques he used to game the search results, and he incriminated Google and mocked addicts.

Google then ran a huge Broad Core Algorithm in an attempt to clean up the ‘filth’, which never happened. Big brands were removed and were replaced with even BIGGER FILTH!

World Wide Failure By The Medic Algorithm

What has happened in South Africa with Abuse Help Lines has been reported worldwide. Here is an interesting article by STODZY Internet Marketing on what’s happening in the USA (its similar to what’s happening in South Africa)

In this instance, they point to which they say isn’t even certified, and is also a Drug Abuse Hot-Line! (just like the one above) I wonder if helpline actually works!

Comments from the general public and medical websites are more than welcome 😉

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