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Free Google Spam Hosting Forum In Search Results!!

Google App Engine and Google Project Hosting now promote spam! Google has now created a spam forum that allows you to post spam and it is not moderated!

I found the page in the search results after loan sharks posted spam in my classifieds (I moderate the classifieds on a regular basis, removing spam and scam in an effort to protect my users)

Below is an example.

Google Project Hosting spam forum

Posting spam is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply login to your gmail account and post as much spam as what tickles your fancy, and your free spam ad appears in search. You may also add links (the links do however carry the nofollow attribute) as well as image attachments.

Google spam forum

Google Project Hosting

When you navigate to Google Project Hosting ( Google say it provides a fast, reliable, and easy open source hosting service. And when you click on:

More information
* Philosophy – what Google Project Hosting is (and isn’t)
* FAQ – your questions, answered
* What’s new? – learn about the latest features

All the links are broken, and all redirect to with the following message:

Project “support” has moved to another location on the Internet.

So my question is – What is/was this abandoned project called Google Project Hosting, except for been a fast, reliable, and easy open source hosting service for spammers? and if Project “support” has moved to another location on the Internet, then where is it?

This project must go down as one of there strangest projects. Google constantly remind Webmasters and forums to moderate User Generated Spam but they host it. Google even went as far as to create the Panda algorithm that viciously and ferociously attacks websites with copy/thin User Generated Content!

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