Hacking and Malware Prices for South Africa

Hacking Help ArticlesCyber SEO Hacking and Malware Help covers vulnerabilities, spam hacks such as hidden text and links as well as malware and phishing.

We identify obfuscated codes that echo the spam links and remove the infested files.

Our main focus is vulnerabilities, Joomla and WordPress which are easily hacked if the plug-ins and platforms are out-dated.

Hacking Prices In A Nut-Shell

Hacking and malware¬†issues can be complicated. Therefore Webmaster Tools login is required to check for warnings and to lift malware warnings. Host login may also be required to remove infested files and CMS login (WordPress, etc…) to update plug-ins and platform.

The majority of hacks are .htaccess and header/footer .php related, or even more complicated. If the hack is not completely removed, changing passwords won’t help. At times the infested files can even be found hidden deep in image folders.

Therefore, we are unable to give prices prior to removing the hack (Hacking issues are priced @ R250 per hour)