How Much Should I Pay For SEO In 2017

How Much Should I Pay For SEO In 2020

SEO prices updated 18 Nov 2020

SEO prices per hour and per month are generally based on location and NOT the US Dollar or British Pound.

The USA or the UK have a tendency of charging +- $100.00 per hour and $750.00 to $5,000.00 per month

In South Africa, SEO prices might come through as being cheap in comparison to the USA, but in reality, prices are based on the countries currencies and cost of living.

Recommended SEO Prices For South Africa

Our Cheap SEO Prices including hacking, filters and penalties work as follows:

Our cheap SEO packages are R4,500 for 3 months or R1,600 per month for small to medium websites.

The affordable SEO package of R1,600 per month gives you +- 18 minutes of SEO per day working a 22 day month from Monday to Friday.

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

The time pricing structure we use allows smaller companies to be able to optimize their websites, based over a longer period of time. If you require additional time it will be charged at an additional rate of R250 per hour.

The complexity of your website and targeted keywords could change the SEO contract price. For that and other reasons, we suggest you submit your site for a Free Technical SEO Audit.

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