How to identify mobile error pages in Webmaster Tools

Checking Mobile Usability Errors

You can check mobile usability errors in Webmaster Tools by clicking on “Mobile Usability” under “Search Traffic” drop-down menu. Then click on each usability error to identify each error page.

If you don’t have a Webmasters Account you need to open one using your Gmail account, then submit and verify your site. The usability errors should display immediately once the site is added.

Google takes around a week to amend the Mobile Usability graph. Once changes have been made and detected they will amend the graph and mobile search results. The mobile algorithm is based on real-time, so once Google detects changes they shall amend the mobile search results.

How To Fix The Mobile Usability Errors

How To Fix The Mobile Usability Errors

Before trying to fix the mobile errors you first need to identify which errors reside on which page. That can be achieved by navigating to Webmaster Tools. Your pages could have individual usability issues (as per the above image and below example) so it is suggested to first view Webmaster Tools for potential error pages, giving you direction of a fix.

Example of usability errors in Webmaster Tools

  • Content not sized for viewpoint 7
  • Touch elements to close 3
  • Fixed-width viewpoint 1
  • Small font size 1

Once identified amend accordingly (Read the responsive web design guide article) then use the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool to make sure all issues have been resolved.

Google then need to crawl the pages before amending the search results and usability graph in Webmaster Tools. Always remembering that the mobile algorithm is based on real-time, resulting in Google amending the mobile results as they detect mobile-friendly pages.

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