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Panda 4.2 Recovery Guide

Is SEO Now Simply A Process Of Risk Mitigation?

Google Panda 4.2 was last updated 18 July 2015. Google has confirmed that Panda is no longer an experimental project and is now consistent enough and no longer requires many changes in the future.

Hence, it is now part of the core algorithm (like PageRank) Even though been part of the core algorithm Panda does not run real time. Coincidentally: the core algorithm targets technical issues such as PageRank, Page Speed, etc, while Panda targets quality issues such as UGC, aggregated content, duplicate content, overall design, ads, etc.

That said and done, there seems to be immense confusion and false rumors flying around with regards to Panda recovery due to Google’s secrecy. Cyber SEO Services has compiled a comprehensive and extremely accurate guide to Panda recovery as well as a list of Panda’s signals used when weighing your pages/site.

The recovery guide is backed up by Google employee articles and statements as well as tweets on Twitter, Hangout videos and myself.

Due to Google’s secrecy and the lack of evidence (without a doubt) I do at times voice my own opinion. All the below factors will, however, in the long run, be beneficial, and will make your site less vulnerable to the Panda Algorithm.

Is Forum User Generated Content Bad For Panda

Yes and no. Google sees low-quality UGC as poor quality, and not all UGC. User-generated comments show that a webpage has a lot of visitors that are engaging, but lower quality user-generated comments drag the overall quality down on a page, to such an extent it can drag down your entire website.

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Thin Content Removal Versus Fixing – Panda Penalty

Removing the wrong content can have a negative impact, specifically if you remove content that Google deems quality. This by itself will result in traffic loss that may seem to look like Panda when in reality it is the removal of those pages that caused it.

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Panda, Affiliates, And Advertising

Google and the Panda Algorithm don’t have an issue with affiliate links, their issue is the copy, scraped content that offers the user nothing unique.

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Panda 4.2 Crawling Signals

Google hangout videos, including Twitter posts, are vague and avoid the actual questions and if answered, they are shallow in nature. Cyber SEO elaborates.

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