Penguin 4.0 Hits South African Websites, False Alarm!!?

Penguin 4.0 Possible Update 4 January 2016 in South Africa

ALL South African sites I’m currently optimizing or watching over had significant traffic increase, ALL on 4 January 2016. This by itself points to an algorithm update, which I suspect could be Penguin 4.0 that was scheduled for early January 2016.

The above image is a 5 page website that was last updated with content around 6 months back and seemed to have lost average position with Googles last Search Console update, it now displays a hike in traffic, which occurred on 4 January and the below snapshot taken from Webmaster Tools Search Console shows similar behavior on the 4 January.

Penguin 4.0 Update 2016

The following two sites also showed a hike in clicks, which also happened 4 January 2016.

Possible Penguin Update

For this exercise (the Penguin exercise) I randomly picked results from 4 sites in Search Console, which all responded exactly the same on exactly the same date. That by-itself points to an algorithm update. But the question at hand is… Was it the Penguin 4.0 update that @methode promised for early January?

Webmaster Tools Search Console Update

Coincidentally, this was not a Webmaster Tools Search Console Update. When they update the search console graphs they mark it as updated.

And awstats also reported huge traffic hikes (the grey bar) on the 4th and 5th of January (on all sites)

Awstats Penguin report

That’s enough to prove/evidence to me that Google ran an algorithm. They are also renown for running multiple algorithms at the same time and will not inform Webmasters. I assume the algorithms work hand in hand with each other.

As per date, Google has not confirmed an update, which is nothing unusual. So I’m going to confirm the Penguin update  😉

What is the Penguin Algorithm?

Penguin, as we all know, is Googles ‘link building’ algorithm, a program that was previously infested with cyber disease and was so fearful and frightening, it decimated millions of country men’s websites, nearly driving sane members of society to only available unleavened suicide.

This illusive elemental cyber beast (Penguin) shows no mercy or remorse on its quest of crashing websites that use illicit means of trying to game the search results with unnatural linking patterns.

@methode was last quoted on Twitter stating the new Penguin update will be big and also mentioned the following:

The new Penguin update will make Webmasters life easier a bit and for most people it will make it a delight.

Penguin 4.0 is said to run real-time, meaning they will pick up changes as they crawl the web. So don’t stress, take a chill pill.

And if Penguin 4.0 is NOT real-time, you gotta problem and could wait one year, if not longer for a re-run. Always remembering, Penguin last ran end 2014.

So get your act together before doomsday sets in (maybe its already to late and Penguin has already sent your website to the subterranean channels in the depths of the dark web where it belongs!)

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