Professional AdWords Managers and Top Google SEO

Professional AdWords Managers And PageRank Chasers!

Last updated – 13 October 2018 – new update below

Have you ever noticed how Top Google SEO Services and Professional AdWords Managers in South Africa market themselves and their websites?

Most Top SEO Services in South Africa promote PageRank chasing and AdWords Managers lure the gullible with AdWords promotional campaigns, let alone AdWords Managers pretending to be Google SEO Certified.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the AdWords certification demonstrates that they’re a certified online advertising professional, which has absolutely nothing to do with SEO. Its the same as acquiring a drivers licence for a motor vehicle, it’s a competency test and will most defiantly not prevent you from having accidents!!

One of there favourite pick-up lines are:

I’m a Google Partner and one of the Top AdWords Managers and an SEO Expert in South Africa!!

Cyber SEO does not believe in chasing after PageRank and neither do we believe in wasting money on AdWords Advertising.

Professional AdWords Managers

Google AdWords certification demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords and covers Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising and has nothing to do with on-site SEO.

The AdWords certificate is only valid for 12 months. To maintain the AdWords certification the individual needs to retake and pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and an additional advertising exam.

This is where the catch comes in. A large amount of so-called Professional AdWords Managers don’t retake the exam, resulting in the certification expiring.

Companies themselves tend to display Google AdWords certifications even after the certification holder has left the company, or for that matter been fired.

And make no mistake there are plenty Professional AdWords con-artists out there.

Do yourself a favour and search for the AdWords Agent by name (You need to search by name, not the website address) If they don’t appear, their certification has expired or they never wrote the AdWords exam (Update – Google have since removed the Adwords verification page! individuals can only now be traced by individual id. It is suggested you insist on the link to their certification.)

Below is an interesting article about the AdWords Exam. Take the time out and read it.

Why Google AdWords Certification Doesn’t Matter

And for those of you that are interested in writing the exam, here’s Googles article >> Google AdWords Certification

Top Google SEO Services In South Africa

As mentioned above most Top Google SEO Services in South Africa promote PageRank chasing and promote PR as the number 1 metric, which is a load of junk.

Cyber SEO Services is the PROUD owner of PageRank Zero and we dominate the local search results (

Our SEO techniques and methods we use are ‘White Hat’ and are in compliance with the guidelines and do work (our site’s rankings are proof that PR0 can outrank higher PR sites!!)

So don’t be fooled by PageRank chasing SEO Services on a mad prerogative quest of chasing after ‘follow’ backlinks. They will hurt your site (the Penguin algorithm) The only links pointing to our site are ‘nofollow’ or links from the usually crappy directories and analytic ranking sites that Google don’t count.

We have created ZERO FOLLOW backlinks to the Cyber SEO site and we outrank nearly all South African SEO Companies! You don’t need backlinks to rank (I am well aware backlinks contribute to higher rankings, but count a lot less than what most agents think) rather concentrate on other factors/signals such as originality, uniqueness, navigation structures and making the site user-friendly.

First, build your site with originality and uniqueness and make sure it’s user-friendly and complies with all search engine guidelines (its a once of a task that will ensure you never succumb to an algorithm filter or manual spam action)

THEN ONLY do you market yourself off-site in a NATURAL way, with mostly nofollow links that indirectly DO COUNT towards higher rankings (its called user engagement)

Self-created follow backlinks are unnatural and are against the guidelines of all search engines and can result in manual spam action – the dreaded ‘UNNATURAL’ link penalty, or a Penguin filter.

Your first focus should be On-Site SEO, then only Off-Site SEO. And if your site ranks well, you won’t need AdWords.

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