Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An SEO Service

The quickest method to determine whether or not an SEO Service knows what they are talking about is to check there sites positioning in the search results

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Hiring An SEO Service

Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An SEO Service

The quickest method to determine whether or not an SEO Service knows what they are talking about is to check their sites positioning in the search results by testing a few of there targeted keywords.

Most, if not all SEO Services will target keywords such as 'SEO prices' and geographic keywords such as 'SEO services South Africa' (which would naturally depend on the countries they target)If they can’t optimise there own site, they cant optimise your site (argument closed!)

Another method is to view Google Paid Ads that appear above and below the organic search results. If the SEO Service uses Google Paid Ads and their site does not appear on page one or two, they are wannabe desperado’s that resort to paid advertising because they can’t rank there own keywords (argument closed!)

Nonetheless. Let's take a closer look at the most common and obvious signals of a Scam SEO.

Certain scam signals SHOUT OUT ALOUD, while others are less obvious, which we cover below.

Are email marketing SEO's trustworthy to hire?

The majority of them are scam artists out to rip you off. Below we cover a few scam signals.

  • If they email you and do not post a link to a legitimate site, they are a scam
  • If they email you using a free account such as Gmail, they are a scam
  • Auto-generated emails, in general, are a scam and easy to identify. They usually point out a ranking drop, errors, etc, but do not mention them in the email
  • In general, ALL emails received from services that promise you front page are scam
  • emails stating PageRank is the most important metric used are SCAM. Our website ranks front page for ALL our targeted keywords and has PR0!
  • Never hire an SEO that’s main focus is on backlinks. They will spam your website with auto-generated, self-created links and unnatural links that will result in short term rankings, which will most defiantly result in your website been penalized from search. (Its a snake-oil method used to make quick bucks)
  • Never hire an SEO that states his Google certified. There is no such thing as a Google SEO Certificate. AdWords SEO’s have the habit of saying they are Google SEO Certified. But in reality, they are only AdWords certified. There is a BIG difference between the two.
  • Never hire an SEO Service that states Adwords can boost your organic search results.
Coincidentally; SEO Services, in general, should have no need to market themselves via email campaigns. If their personal websites rank they will have more than enough clients and won't need to go on a prerogative quest of email spam!

Is it wise to hire a cheap SEO Service?

In general, there is nothing wrong with hiring an affordable SEO Service. SEO Prices fluctuate depending on country currency. It is advised you deal with services from your country for two reasons.

Firstly - Optimization prices would be on par with your country currency.

Secondly - The SEO will have a better understanding of location targeting of towns and phrases that relate to your product/business, which could have a huge impact on your site’s performance.

What should I ask when contacting an SEO Service?

Ask them for a basic technical SEO audit of your website and ask them to send you a report which must include costing, time frame and terms of the contract as well there methods and changes they will be making to your website.

If the service is secretive about there methods of optimization or shallow in answers, avoid them.

Should I ask the service for testimonials of past clients?

Yes, you should. In general, all legitimate services should have a testimonial web-page of a few of there clients and should explain what they are busy doing, or have done.

SEO services are renown for only displaying 'This is what Mr Snake had to say'. Those testimonials are usually copied all over the internet. Do yourself a favour and copy a few lines of text from the testimonials into the Google search tool. You will be surprised as to how many other sites actually use the same 'pick-up lines'.

How long should I remain with an SEO Service?

That would depend on your intent. If your site is small and you don't plan on adding content on a regular basis except for refreshing prices and outdated content and are able to update your platform and plug-ins then a 3-month contract should be sufficient.

If the SEO Service has optimized according to Googles and other search engines guidelines the website should rank long term, and all professional SEO Services should keep in contact and inform you of algorithm updates your site could benefit from, even after your contract has expired.

But at times contracts can continue for a year, or even longer. If a website submits new content on a regular basis it is wise to continue with SEO. But on the other hand, SEO services are meant to 'guide' and 'train' their clients throughout the contract (which we do) That by-itself will enable the client to gain sufficient knowledge to run there own website.

At Cyber SEO we offer our clients an affordable SEO maintenance package, which is available once we have completed optimization.

Beware of SEO Services that keep pushing for on-going contracts that are not necessary.

How Do I Know The Data They Send Me Is Real?

Google's algorithms constantly change and so do the rules. SEO's are renown for using inaccurate data tools which they base their optimization on.

Google Analytics and Search Console Tools specifically look at the data Google is providing and are the 2 most accurate tools. If the SEO service does not include them in your monthly report, they are barking up the wrong tree.


Author - Terry

Terry is the owner of Cyber SEO Srvices and specializes in Optimization, Web Design and Digital Marketing and has been worked in the field for over 10 years and in Jan 2019 he qualified as a Google Ads Specialist and Consultant for Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video Ads.