SEO Strategies Used In 2021

2021 has brought upon an entire new ball game when it comes to SEO and the strategies used. The mobile net now playing more of an important roll

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Our SEO Strategies

Our SEO Strategies In 2021

2021 has brought upon an entirely new ball game when it comes to SEO and the strategies used. The mobile net now playing more of an important role than ever before with Google moving over to mobile first indexing. And not forgetting about Google's aggressive tweaks to their algorithms with regard to quality content versus low-quality content.

SEO Strategies We Focus On

Our main focus is on quality content and user intent as well as linking.

  • We hook up your social media profiles to your site.
  • We perform basic on-page SEO which includes titles, descriptions, meta tags, image optimization, etc.
  • We emphasize importance with regards to page and link relevance in relation to content.
  • Rectify potential coding issues.
  • Rectify 404 errors and broken links.
  • Update robots.txt to make sure files and folders are crawled correctly and that junk gets blocked from crawling and update sitemap for quicker crawling and hard to find pages.
  • Update your platform and security.
  • Eliminate thin and low-quality content, and focus on high-quality content that's relevant to the site's niche.
  • Analyze the actual prospective keyword data in Google Analytics and Search Console for potential traffic.
  • Kill unnecessary duplicate pages (or use rel=canonical) and inactive or duplicate accounts to avoid disillusionment and confusion of inactivity and old content.
  • Kill ALL external links (or disavow them) from bad neighborhoods and low quality directories.
  • Use rel=nofollow on advertising, affiliates and kill outbound links posted that have zero relevance to your content or where zero value has been added to the destination links.
  • Kill all doorway pages that were made for the pure intention of manipulating search results.
Feel free to view our Guidelines On Building Quality Sites that we adhere to when optimizing a site and our Questions and Answers for additional information about our SEO strategies.


Author - Terry

Terry is the owner of Cyber SEO Srvices and specializes in Optimization, Web Design and Digital Marketing and has been worked in the field for over 10 years and in Jan 2019 he qualified as a Google Ads Specialist and Consultant for Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video Ads.