SEO Prices And Packages

Below is our SEO Pricing Structures for 2022 and services we offer (SEO, Penalty Recovery, Algorithm Filters, Hacking, Malware and more)

SEO Services Prices For South Africa

SEO Services Prices For South Africa

Due to us been based in South Africa, the SEO prices are based on the ever-declining Rand. Countries such as the USA, UK, and other countries can simply convert SEO prices to their currency based on the latest exchange rate.

We only tackle a limited amount of sites at any given time. By doing so allows us to offer a more personalized service to our clients.

The complexity of your website and targeted keywords could change the SEO contract price. For that and other reasons, we suggest you submit your site for a Free Technical SEO Audit.

Please read our contract terms!

On-Site SEO Contract Terms

SEO Specials

And don't forget to check out our SEO Specials (normal prices R4,500 for 3 months, or R1,600 per month for small to medium websites)

Free SEO Audit
On-Site SEO
(New and old sites)
SEO Audit Yes Yes
email Report Yes Once a month Once a month
On-Page Optimisation Analyses
​(Title, Description, Alt etc.)
Yes ​​ Yes
​​Keyword Report Yes
Keyword Ranking Analyses Yes
Backlink Analyses Yes ​​ Yes
Content Analyses Yes ​​ Yes
Site Navigation ​Analyses Yes
Competitor Analyses Yes
Structure Analyses Yes
Responsive Mobile Analyses Yes Yes
Page Speed Analyses Yes Yes
New Page/Edit & Up-load ​R250 per hour ​R250 per hour
Site optimization
(On existing content)
Webmaster Tools Analyses Yes Yes
Error Reports
​(Site and server issues)
Yes Yes
Update Platform
​(Themes and plugin's)
Yes Yes
​​​Once Off Price
Free R4500 for 3 months
​​​Monthly Price
Free R750 per month R1600 per month
​50% deposit required prior to otimizing

SEO Prices Per Hour and Per Month

We reserve the right to change prices depending on the size of the site, its condition and complexity and the niche of the site. For that and other reasons, we suggest you submit the site for a Free Technical SEO Audit.

  • Monthly On-Site Optimization = R1,600 per month or R4,500 for 3 months (smaller websites are cheaper 😉
  • Monthly Website Maintenance = R750 per month based on a 3-month contract
  • Hourly SEO Prices = R250 per hour
  • Unnatural Link Penalties and Manual WebSpam Action = R250 per hour
  • Hacking/Malware Recovery = R250 per hour

Please feel free to Contact Us for a more accurate quote or submit your website for a Free SEO Audit. We will then get back to you with our findings.

SEO Service Prices Explained

Important! (please read the difference between our services, and understand them)

On-Site SEO is based on making your website search engine friendly as well as user-friendly. Examples; platform configuration, cleaning up your index status, fixing linking structures, removing spam and copy, consolidate dead or copy or similar pages that don’t receive hits, fix layout and we focus on relevance and user intent.

On-Site SEO DOES NOT include web-design or uploading of new content or creating new pages.

Off-Site SEO is based on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we market your website on other websites and platforms. Off-Site SEO targets niche based audience and drives targeted traffic from other sites/platforms to your site.

Off-Site SEO DOES NOT include PageRank chasing and is uniquely designed to suit your websites niche.

Off-Site SEO DOES NOT include email conversation beyond our standard email reports. Additional email conversation will cost @R250 per hour.

The fruitfulness of Off-Site SEO will depend on communication between the client and myself and the content provided by the client.

Both On-Site and Off-Site SEO costs are the same (@ R1,600 per month unless otherwise agreed upon)

Website Maintenance is only available for clients who have previously taken an SEO Package. Website Maintenance means we keep your website updated (themes/plugins, etc ...) and watch over your website and report any major fluctuations in rankings. We also report core algorithm updates that could have a negative impact on your website's rankings

Website Maintenance does entail minor SEO changes on existing content. We only charge when it becomes time-consuming, such as web design, uploading new pages, excessive email conversation, tutorials, etc ...

Hacking and Malware issues can be complicated. Therefore Google Search Console login is required to check for warnings and to lift malware warnings. Host login may also be required to remove infected files and CMS login (WordPress, etc…) to update plug-ins and platform.

The majority of hacks are .htaccess and header/footer .php related, or even more complicated. If the hack is not completely removed, changing passwords won't help. At times the infested files can even be found hidden deep in image folders.

Therefore, we are unable to give prices prior to removing the hack (Hacking issues are priced @ R250 per hour)


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