Warning Microsoft Account Outlook email Phishing Scam

Microsoft Outlook Email Phishing Scam

Warning, beware the latest Microsoft Outlook email Phishing Scam.

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Identifying the phishing scam

The phisher sends you 2 emails within a couple of minutes in the hope of creating panic. The emails make it through Microsoft security, but are blocked by Google Chrome when searching the URL. Just goes to show how crap Microsoft’s security is.

Above is a snapshot of one of the emails I received, take note the email address of the sender(customerteam0000064@outlook.com)

First give-away, Microsoft don’t use such emails

Second give-away, the URL is not a secure Microsoft URL the link navigates to http://amaananoryxtail.com/shoii/newest%20hotm/index.html as below image. ‚Äč

Microsoft Outlook Email Phishing Scam

Microsoft Outlook email Phishing Scam

The page looks like a legitimate Microsoft account login page with all links working except the submit feature which phishes your password.

Always remembering you were logged into your Microsoft account to access the phishing email, so when you click on the email link and navigate to the phishing page you are still logged into your Microsoft account, there is no need to login – third give away.

So in reality you can submit any login into the form fields of the phishing page and you will still be logged into your Microsoft account. To test the submit form I typed in phishing@gmail.com and I was still logged into my Microsoft account.

If you submit your true login credentials they will be sent to the phisher.

Chrome Phishing Warning

Microsoft Outlook email Phishing Scam

Google Chrome flagged the URL as phishing, but Microsoft still send the email through to your inbox and have not yet classified it as junk.

Microsoft Phishing Emails In Junk Box For Last 2 Weeks

Microsoft Phishing emails in Junk box for last 2 weeks

For two weeks I’ve been receiving phishing emails in my junk box (above, below images) and are now starting to receive them in my hotmail inbox.

Microsoft hotmail Phishing scam

What surprises me is Microsoft’s laid-back, don’t-give-a-dam approach. These phishing emails should not make it to junk, let alone a persons inbox. Microsoft sure do have a far way to go when it comes to eradicating this form of filth that prays on unexpected users.

Congratulations Google for picking up the phishing site, and Damn, Microsoft, catch a wake up, you starting to infest my email account with phishing emails like the flees from a thousand Afghan camels would infest a jockeys crouch.

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